The importance of the vase in decoration

ceramic vase

It is vital to feel comfortable in one's living environment. Beyond the aesthetic dimension, the layout adds artistic value to the room that benefits from it. To create a pleasant atmosphere in your home or elsewhere, it is sometimes enough to install certain trendy decorative accessories and modern or old art such as the vase. Whether ceramic , clay, terracotta, Chinese porcelain or glass, this object can truly enhance the decor of a space like the living room.

Vases, ideal objects for decoration

The vase is an object known all over the world, even if it serves different purposes. Its creation by craftsmen since the 4th century in antiquity has often been motivated by the need to store organic matter. It could be oil, perfume, water, etc.

In our time, the vase is created by machine. Either way, this solid object gradually found a new use. The vase has enormous decorative power due to its immense variety . The possibilities are then endless for those who wish to put this object in a corner of their home.

Vases and their unique shapes

What undoubtedly seduces in the decoration by the vases , it is the shape of the latter. They have classic or atypical curvatures that perfectly match the decor of the room. The shape of a vase also determines the choice of its support. In reality, this criterion is decisive in deciding the location of the decorative object.

It is often sought a harmony between the conformation of the vase and that of the table . This kind of detail is important in an interior design plan . Thus, we distinguish a variety of shapes for the vase and each of them produces a particular effect with its laying surface.

Conical vases or cone-shaped vases

The conical vase or cone-shaped vase is a fairly common design. It is generally used to install a bouquet of flowers or plants . To achieve an abundant flowering effect, this bell-shaped vase is placed upside down. This makes it possible to have a wider pot at the top than at the bottom. In this configuration, this vase allows the flowers to bloom freely outwards.

Tube, cylindrical or geometric vases

For large flowers, it is better to emphasize their size. It is then advisable to arrange them in a vase whose neck is narrow, but the center and the base are gradually wider. It is for this reason that vases in a tube or in a cylindrical shape are suitable for the deposit of flowers. This is a very elegant vase model .

And to bring a contemporary and original touch to your interior, you can also opt for a model of geometric-shaped pots.
The geometric vase is all the more used for decorative purposes with few flowers.

ceramic vase

Vases in the shape of squares, spheres, etc.

A spherical or ball-shaped pot is ideal when it's a bouquet of small flowers. And the one that is central to the trend is the circular vase also known as the donut vase .

Circular Vase ~ Maison Liv

donut slime

There are other shapes of vases for different types of bouquets.

For example, the square vase offers a wide base for the flowers so that they can be well ventilated.

Also referred to as a cube-shaped vase, this rather short container has a large height. In addition to adding flowers with short stems , you can also put leaves in a spirit of decoration . The soliflore is a special type of vase that is characterized by a rather narrow neck. So, it is destined to host a single flower.

At the limit, the soliflore vase can contain two stems of dried flowers or artificial flowers. For a better choice, it is possible to seek the advice of a florist . In case of absence of the latter, it is necessary to apply the general rule which stipulates that the bouquet of flowers must be twice as large as the vase which contains it.

Decorative Minimalist Vases ~ Maison Liv

ceramic vase

The vases of different colors and sizes

In terms of colors, there are thousands of vases on the market ( white vase , black vase , etc.). Mosaic, multicolored, single-coloured , printed, these patterns or colors offer everyone the possibility of selecting the vase that suits their room. To enhance a room, simple furniture is not enough. It is also worth adding the vases.

These are to be chosen according to their size to create the desired effect. Depending on the decoration ideas, it is possible to choose between a small vase, a medium vase and a large vase. Their location also determines the choice of the size of the vase. For example, decorative vases with flower arrangements are most often intended for the living room.

Design vases, whether Chinese porcelain vase, ceramic vase, wooden vase or terracotta can be used to decorate a corridor. Also, a large pot is much more in harmony with the rest of the room rather than placed in height. In fact, given its size, the vase can act on the layout of a room .

Vases and their materials

The choice of the vase is also based on its material of manufacture. Size, shape and color are partly related to this criterion. The material must allow itself to be deformed to a certain extent so that all the appearance that we know of the vase can be affixed to it.

Thus, the decorative vase par excellence is for example the glass vase .

Glass Vases with Gold Reflections ~ Maison Liv

glass vase

This material is especially original and used since the 4th century in antiquity. Glass offers endless style possibilities for the home. There are different types of glass used for the manufacture of these decorative objects, including blown glass, white glass, transparent glass .

Combinations of flowers or shells are perfectly in evidence with this type of vase.

In addition to glass, there are many other types of materials, namely: ceramic vase , Chinese porcelain, porcelain stoneware, terracotta, clay, metal, etc.

Thus, the vases are designed purely from these elements or from an alloy. Multiple arrangements are available for different decorating styles . Note that some materials are heavier than others. Weight is also a factor taken into account in a layout plan.

Put something else in a vase than flowers

Decorating the vase with the bouquet of flowers may look too classic and sometimes even inappropriate depending on individual preferences. In this case, it is possible to divert the vase into a playful and more cheerful decorative accessory .

Insert driftwood into the vase

Driftwood is an increasingly popular material in decoration. It is easily found by the sea or in a craftsman's shop . It can perfectly fit in a sleek vase and placed on a piece of furniture.

In addition to their polished appearance, driftwoods have emotive appearances. These poetic details revealed by an inert pot form a captivating mix in the layout of a living room, for example.

Place candles inside vases

Candles are real means of decoration . In addition to their fragrance, they are preferred for the natural and calm light they diffuse. So, to highlight them, it is better to use transparent vases. The style becomes even more magical when it comes to floating candles.

To do this, three elements are necessary: ​​the flat candle, the water and the flame. Arranged on a medium-height table and away from all other furniture, this floating candle-lit vase makes a beautiful sight throughout the room .

Place seashells in the vase

Taking advantage of a trip to the beach, one can collect shells , but these are rarely highlighted once back home. A surefire way to arrange this is to stack them neatly in a tall vase.

Rather than a large pot to easily distinguish the shells, it is better to use a glass vase. This type of receptacle is ideal for ordering shells by size or size.

Make a terrarium

Decorating is an exciting, but time-consuming activity. If you have to invest your own time yourself, you might as well not do things by halves. For a perfect result, the idea of ​​a terrarium is excellent to implement.

You don't have to be skilled with your hands to do this. With a good dose of willpower, a transparent spherical glass, sand, pebbles and plants, the trick is done. Transforming your vase into a miniature greenhouse makes a decoration plan more original. We let you discover this video which simply explains how to create your terrarium.

Try a paper bouquet

Paper has not always served as a support for writing. By its diversity, it brings a significant decorative value. Rather than putting a bouquet of flowers in the designer vase, it may be appropriate to opt for bouquets of artificial paper flowers.

With the latter, one can easily create artificial plants with a misleading visual. Moreover, paper flowers have many advantages . In particular, they are cheaper, durable and ecological. Arranged in a tube-shaped vase, they offer a good decorative finish.

An empty or empty vase for decoration

In a contemporary world, it is no longer always useful to insert a bouquet of flowers or plants inside the vase. This pot, on its own, can perfectly fulfill its decorative function for a minimalist style.

Nowadays and since the 20th century, it is viewed favorably to put this object on the floor, tables, in the cupboard, the window sill, etc. Current trends present the vase as an art and design tool whose value is essentially based on shape, material and color. For example, the vase used very often for a single decorative purpose is the face vase . Indeed, it is a feminine artistic representation, in which the face and the expression are predominant. Sculptural and atypical, this type of vase has the particularity of bringing out in relief in a poetic and realistic way, part of the face, the bust and the hand borrowed from an idealized woman. It perfectly reflects the elegance and charm of women.

Abstract Face Vase ~ Maison Liv

slime face

More than ever in the 21st century, with regard to these three aspects, potters are overflowing with imagination, offering their customers carefully shaped vases with unique styles. These rare models, which bring charm to the decoration of a room , can be ordered by the owner if he knows about it.

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