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At home, furniture takes up most of the floor, while pendant lights and chandeliers illuminate the ceiling. But what about the walls? Some of them seem empty to you? Do you want to make your home warmer and more welcoming? 

To do this, your walls deserve a personalized decorative touch. Whether it's a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom or a bathroom, each room is entitled to its own wall decoration . 

Canvases, paintings, mirrors, clocks or trophies, our decorative accessories will bring dynamism to your interior whatever its style, whether it is exotic, classic, rustic or retro.

So, find everything you need: kitchen wall decoration , living room wall decoration , bedroom wall decoration, wood wall decoration , rattan wall decoration , metal wall decoration, industrial wall decoration, Scandinavian wall decoration, bohemian, macrame…

And to bring even more personality to your interior, we advise you to choose the original wall decoration that suits you!



The choice of a painting says a lot about your personality. Indeed, it is partly thanks to this decorative element that your guests will learn more about you and your temperament. 

Nature lovers are revealed by the simplicity and modernity of the Scandinavian painting .

The most virile followers of the vintage or industrial style opt for tables with geometric shapes.

The atypical looking for colors and eccentricity generally opt for pop art.

As for dreamers of luxury and minimalism, it is through abstract art that they reveal their personality.

What are trending boards? 

For several years now, abstract art has managed to stay at the top of the trends .  This type of painting is ideal in a modern interior. 


In addition to their revealing side of personality, canvases and paintings are the pieces par excellence to bring conviviality and personality to your interior. Due to the multitude of styles, colors and existing patterns, you will be able to give your interior the look that suits you. Whether you choose modern designs , contemporary art or vintage , paintings are the safe bet for a simple but stylish decor.


What type of tables to choose?

In a large room, on a large white wall devoid of furniture (shelves, mirrors, etc.) choose a large format painting or XXL canvases to create depth and space in your room.

In a small room or if you already have a busy wall decoration, choose a small painting or a set of two small paintings.

Maison Liv offers a wide selection of canvases and paintings for all your interiors!



What is the role of the mirror? 

Functional and aesthetic accessory, the mirror is an essential element in any interior decoration.
Indeed, thanks to its ability to reflect light, the mirror instantly intensifies the brightness of a room and brings volume to a space. Because it captures and reflects light, the mirror is a great ally when trying to make a room brighter. Depending on its size and by playing with the perspectives, it can also create superb effects of depth and give the visual impression of having enlarged the room.


What are the different types of mirror?

Whether wall-mounted or free- standing , the mirror comes in several forms. More classically, we find the round, oval, square or rectangular mirror . For a few years now, original mirrors have appeared in the form of the sun, eyes or even mouths! 


The mirror is the decorative element capable of sublimating each room of your interior, but it is necessary to know where to position it.

Where to place a mirror?

In the living room, it must be positioned in such a way as to optimize space and light. It is most often attached to the wall, behind the sofa. To give height to the room, place it vertically or on the floor. 

In the bedroom, it can be placed wherever you want but neither in front of nor above the bed to avoid annoying reflections. 

In the bathroom, the bathroom mirror is often luminous and led .  It is generally placed above the sink for preparation in optimal conditions. 

In general, avoid placing mirrors in front of doors and windows.

Maison Liv offers a wide range of mirrors of all kinds.


Master of passing time, the clock combines art and advanced technology to decorate the walls intelligently. It is this little extra in the decoration of your interior that allows you to combine business with pleasure. 

Indeed, it allows you to subtly dress the wall while using its primary function as an hour indicator. 

As much as canvases, paintings and mirrors, the choice of a design clock is dictated by the atmosphere and style of the room where it is inserted, hence our wide selection of clocks for the whole house. 

Design wall clock , industrial clock , vintage wall clock , digital clock … marvel at the different styles, sizes and materials of these ornaments.  Marble effect, copper, metal, wood or plastic, the clock becomes a fantastic decorative object to the point sometimes of forgetting its utilitarian side.

You too can unearth the original wall clock that will complete your living room in style!


Wall trophies , especially animal trophies are at the forefront of decoration. Indeed, suspended in a living room or a hallway, or installed in the middle of a chalet, these animal heads are very popular with those who wish to accentuate the character of their decoration.

This imposing animal wall trophy perfectly dresses up the space and is suitable for all types of decoration: in metal for a designer, vintage or industrial decor, in wood for a more rural and wild atmosphere.

Deer head , ram, horse, wolf, elephant and many more await you in this amazing collection of wall trophies to decorate your walls in the most beautiful way! 

Discover without further delay our collection of Maison Liv design wall decorations to bring a unique and original touch to your walls!

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