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Imposing or minimalist, Maison Liv offers pendant lights and chandeliers that will fit perfectly into any interior decoration.

THE suspensions and chandeliers will be perfectly highlighted in the tastefully appointed upscale and spacious interiors. In addition to dressing and illuminating the room, a pendant light will occupy the volume in the blink of an eye. Thus, with their unique shapes, suspensions and chandeliers will definitely become the key element of the room.

What are the differences between suspension and chandelier?

Although similar in many respects, they are different luminaires. Both chandeliers and suspensions are installed on the ceiling. Thanks to this high position, these luminaires offer a very wide angle of diffusion, making them perfect for the main lighting of a room.


As the name suggests, the suspension is suspended. Unlike the chandelier, there is only one light source at the end of the wire.

The suspension is available in all styles and colors and can be installed in any room: bedroom, office, kitchen, hall, living room...
You can hang two, three or four pendant lights in a row to illuminate an elongated surface or play on unequal heights, for example.

Thus, Maison Liv invites you to discover a wide selection of suspensions of all materials:

  • In wood , rattan , bamboo : for a more exotic and tropical atmosphere,
  • In metal : for an industrial and vintage decoration,
  • In glass , resin or feathers : for a more refined, design and chic style.


Masterful and imposing , the chandelier generally consists of a central element from which several arms and lamps unfold. It thus always comprises several light sources.

It is a luminaire that is intended to be remarkable and decorative. It is generally adorned with crystals , tassels , domes and other glass diffusers, or relief, molded, sculpted, etc.

Ornaments whose elegance ideally finds its place in large spaces such as large living rooms, very large bedrooms and kitchens.

Thus, Maison Liv invites you to discover its selection of modern chandeliers of all styles and materials:
  • industrial metal chandelier,
  • plastic chandelier,
  • Wooden chandelier.

Decorate your interior with magnificent suspensions and chandeliers for a stylish lighting concept!

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