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To perfect the decoration of your interior, to make it more comfortable and cosy, household linen is essential.  Indeed, it refines the decoration of your home from floor to ceiling by bringing the final touch. It is the final bouquet of decoration that brings style and warmth to your rooms.

Linens first appear in the bedroom along with bed linens such as bedding sets. Then, it extended to the plaid, this now essential decorative accessory to create a real cozy nest and warm up. Then, the cushions with its cushion covers . Both useful and decorative, cushions are essential for moments of relaxation and comfort.

But being a decoration fan also means taking your passion outside the home and displaying it on the sunniest days with accessories and beach towels. 

In addition, as new materials are discovered, household linen has also been extended to the bathroom: hand towels , bathrobes , bath slippers , bath mats and shower curtains are all useful. accessories that are part of our daily lives and are essential to us.
Today, household linen is also curtains and sheers , rugs And many more.

Finally, household linen is omnipresent in every room of your interior. And it is all these decorative elements and these various materials that contribute to making your interior even more beautiful.

  • Bedding 

To sleep well and make your bed cosy, there's nothing like quality linens that match the atmosphere of your room.  Bed sets, cushions and covers or enveloping plaids, settle there naturally in order to transform the sleeping area into a bubble of softness.

bed sets

Pleasant materials and soft colors make the bedroom a real cocoon.

Thus, in linen , cotton gauze , percale , satin or silk , bed sets for 2 people or 1 person unfold on the bed to bring it more comfort.

Cushions and covers 

Both comfortable and decorative, cushions are essential accessories for moments of relaxation but also for home and garden decoration.  Whether they are placed on a bed , an armchair , a sofa , or a chair , the cushions offer us comfort, comfort and accessorize the room in which they are.

Whether square , round or rectangular , in bright colors or rather sober , plain or printed , the cushions instantly enrich the decor. In velvet, cotton, satin or silk, find the cushion cover best suited to your interior. Do not hesitate to mix materials and colors! And for an ultra cocooning atmosphere, multiply the cushions for even more comfort! You will thus create a cozy corner, a pleasant space to live in.

Choose your indoor cushions or your
outdoor cushions online at Maison Liv.

Throw Blankets 

Initially, the plaid was a large thick fabric of twill wool which served as a coat for the Scots. The primary function of the plaid was therefore to warm.  Today, this is still the case. However, the plaid has also become this essential of the decoration that we use mainly in autumn and winter and for the most cautious, in spring and summer. A cozy plaid available on the sofa is therefore essential. 

Plain , checkered , fringed , with pompoms ... The plaid is a decorative asset that we like to highlight in our interiors and it is made of various materials. Choose the material of your plaid according to the style you want to give to your interior.

Ultimately, an essential element in the bedroom, bed linen continues to prove its importance for a pleasant room to live in and sleep in! 

Are you looking for high-end and inexpensive bed linen ? Come and discover now bed linen worthy of the finest hotels on Maison Liv.
Choose from a wide selection of bed sets, cushions, covers and throws for a bedroom and a living room that you will be looking forward to finding! Best value for money, to meet all your desires!

  • Bath linen

Whether for an energizing shower, a relaxing bath or a beauty ritual, the bathroom is a space of well-being where you take care of yourself. And if you have decorated it in a well-defined style, your bath linen must be chosen with just as much attention. Indeed, the bathroom is also entitled to its own materials for household linen. Bath linen is the real accessory of your rituals, but also an accessory in its own right for the decoration of the room.

Towels , bathrobes and bath slippers

These are the elements of your bath linen thanks to which you will find the luxury of the greatest hotels. They are therefore perfect for moments conducive to relaxation and escape. In addition, Maison Liv offers quality bath towels , women's bathrobes , men's bathrobes , terrycloth and fleece bathrobes; women's and men's slippers.

Bath mats and shower curtains 

The bathroom, this space of well-being, must also be a functional and secure space. Installing a shower curtain and laying a bath mat on the floor are essential.

Bath mat 

For comfort and safety, do not neglect the bath mat. Indeed, with the ambient humidity, a slip quickly arrived. We therefore advise you to opt for a non-slip and ultra-absorbent bath mat . And for optimal comfort, the shape memory mat is an excellent ally.

Whether square, round or rectangular, XXL, bamboo or super soft cotton . You will also have the choice between a black or colored bath mat . Opt for a solid color for a chic style, or a patterned rug for more originality.

Ultimately, you will have understood it; the bathroom mat not only provides you with safety and comfort after your shower, but it is also a decorative object for your bathroom.

Shower curtain 

Keep your bathroom dry while decorating it with the shower curtain! 

As the bathroom can quickly turn into a giant swimming pool, it is necessary to avoid splashing water on the walls and floor. To do this, the shower curtain is the inexpensive and essential accessory of a bathroom.

Besides its necessity, it also contributes to the atmosphere of the room. And there is something for everyone thanks to the plurality of models available to you. For a classic decoration, choose a plain model or a transparent shower curtain. Otherwise, for an original shower curtain , dare the printed shower curtain!

What material to choose for a shower curtain? 

  • The PVC shower curtain: PVC is the most used material for its lightness, impermeability and finesse. It is easy to maintain.

  • The PEVA shower curtain  : thicker than PVC, PEVA is light , waterproof and just as easy to maintain. It is recyclable.

  • The cotton shower curtain: it is very aesthetic but not waterproof.

  • The polyester shower curtain: it is the ideal compromise between cotton and plastic. It is both aesthetic and waterproof. Easy to maintain, it can be washed in the washing machine.

  • The nylon fabric shower curtain : nylon is a robust and lightweight synthetic fabric. It is more waterproof than cotton and also dries faster. It is machine washable.

Thus, the shower curtain will dress your bathtub or your shower while protecting your floor.

Beach accessories and towels

An afternoon by the pool or at the sea cannot be envisaged without a beach towel and certain other accessories. We offer a selection of cheap beach towels and foutas for a successful idleness session!

The beach towel will be of great use to you for drying yourself off and wrapping yourself in a soft fabric when you come out of a pool or sea bath! She can also accompany you during moments of well-being at the spa. 

Larger than a beach towel and less bulky, beach foutas are ideal for a picnic on the beach. Indeed, the beach fouta has the advantage of being an anti-sand beach towel because the sand does not get stuck on it. It is easy to transport thanks to its lightness and is ultra trendy!

Choose from our models, the one that suits you: XXL beach towel , neutral or coloured, plain or patterned and printed.

Ultimately, many materials exist to dress your bathroom. It is up to you to choose the material of your bath linen that best matches your decor: 

  • The sponge : soft and supple, it is absorbent and soft. It is the most practical material for your towels, allowing you to dry yourself quickly.

  • Cotton : it makes your bath linen soft and comfortable and has absorbent properties. It is ideal for your towels and bath mats.

  • Linen : your linen bath linen offers you an unequaled feeling of softness on the skin, while bringing a touch of timeless charm and a rustic atmosphere to your room.

  • Synthetic fibers and plastic : less absorbent than other materials, they are ideal for shower curtains and nevertheless dry very quickly.

  • Bamboo : very elegant, it invites itself on your bath mats, offering an exotic touch to the room.

Finally, the advantage with bath linen is that as you wish, you can multiply and change them, allowing you to create different atmospheres. 

Buy now luxury and quality bath linen on Maison Liv.

  • Curtains and sheers 

Choosing the right curtains and sheers is essential to create an intimate atmosphere in the living room, bedroom or entrance. They also bring the final touch to your interior decoration. In addition, depending on the materials chosen, you can either block out the light or, on the contrary, make the most of natural light.

This is why it is important to choose them well for each room of your interior because they refine the atmosphere of a place.


Curtains can be screening, blackout or insulating.

  • The sifting curtain will reduce the intensity of the light in a room to create a soft light, while maintaining a beautiful luminosity. Go for cheesecloth, organza or voile.

  • The blackout curtain will block light from entering a room for maximum privacy and a cozy ambiance. Opt for a heavyweight fabric like herringbone cotton, linen, velvet, silk, taffeta or jacquard.

  • The insulating or thermal curtain will protect you from cold or heat and will allow your room to maintain an ambient temperature.


The curtains are transparent and light. They shelter the room from the sun's rays while maintaining clarity and brightness and preserving your privacy.

At Maison Liv, we offer a wide selection of simple or patterned curtains and sheers, in several sizes and colors and at the best price.

  • Carpets and doormats 

Nowadays, the carpet is ubiquitous in all interiors. Indeed, whether it is the doormat at the entrance of the house, the living- room rug , or that of the kitchen, the rug is a must.

It is first of all a comfort ally for walking barefoot at home without getting cold. It is also a real asset for delimiting a space and creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The carpet is available in multiple colors, models (such as the round carpet ) and sizes to adapt to all styles of decoration and all spaces. Whatever your choice, the carpet will bring a real cachet to the space it will dress.

Maison Liv offers you a wide selection of rugs: long-pile rugs, short-pile rugs, jute rugs, plain or patterned rugs, round, square or rectangular rugs, vintage rugs, Berber rugs, outdoor rugs ... Whatever your choice, the carpet will bring a real cachet to the space it will dress.

Regarding doormats, we invite you to discover all kinds of doormats, from indoor doormats to outdoor doormats , opt for an original or rather classic doormat .

Opt for inexpensive and high-end household linen in harmony with each room of your interior thanks to Maison Liv.

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