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In the living room , the kitchen , the bedroom or the entrance , choosing the right curtains and sheers is essential to create an intimate atmosphere and bring the final touch to your interior decoration. In addition, depending on the materials, you can choose to block out the light or, on the contrary, make the most of natural light.

This is why it is important to choose them well for each room of the house because they will refine the atmosphere.


Curtains can be screening, blackout or insulating.

  • The sifting curtain will reduce the intensity of the light in a room to create a soft light, while maintaining a beautiful luminosity. Go for cheesecloth, organza or voile.

  • THE blackout curtain will block light from entering a room for maximum privacy and a cozy ambiance. Opt for a thick fabric like herringbone cotton, linen , velvet, silk, taffeta or jacquard.
  • THE insulating or thermal curtain will protect you from cold or heat and will allow your room to maintain an ambient temperature.
What trend for curtains?

In 2022, fashion is minimalist and Scandinavian style. It is the white and delicate curtains that prevail to dress the windows. THE curtain is a chic and elegant accessory that enhances the atmosphere of a room.


The curtains are transparent and light. They shelter the room from the sun's rays while maintaining clarity and brightness and preserving your privacy.

What trend for curtains?

Sheers allow natural light to enter the room. Opt for sheers in sober colors: white sheer , ivory, ecru. This way, they will bring lightness and finesse to the room they dress.

At Maison Liv, we offer a wide selection of simple or patterned curtains and sheers, in several sizes and colors and at the best price.

How to install curtains and sheers in a house?

Generally, the curtain rod is to be fixed at the top of the wall. However, it is possible to fix it to the ceiling. If you want to mix curtains and sheers, place the curtains on the outside and leave the sheers in the middle.

Should curtains and sheers touch the floor?

Curtains and sheers should touch the floor and hide the baseboard.

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