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The use of cutlery is essential today during each meal. Indeed, although there are still exceptions to this rule, especially during American evenings with a good burger - fries, or even during pizza - beer evenings, cutlery is now part of our dishes .

However, the use of cutlery as we use it today is quite recent and comes from the Renaissance when the rules of good conduct and new table manners appeared. It is true that for a long time food was eaten with the hands and it was the nobles who, little by little, imposed this practice, which is now totally rooted in our customs. 

Today the cutlery comes out of the kitchen drawers and invades the decor! In money , golden , black, shiny, matte, in metal, wood or bamboo , cutlery invades the kitchen for a decoration dedicated to tableware .

Consequently, the fork, the knife and the spoon are no longer just simple tools to help us taste our dishes. Indeed, they are pretty little decorative objects when you go to the table.

Therefore spoons , table knives and forks whet our appetites in the whole kitchen!

Find our wide selection of cutlery: original table cutlery , modern table cutlery , designer table cutlery ..
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