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Find out how a luminaire and its lighting can set the stage for a room!

If the choice of lights is not to be taken lightly, it is because they highlight our decor, both literally and figuratively! 

Indeed, the luminaires are not only used to illuminate the room. They are decorative objects in their own right and contribute to the atmosphere of the room. Like any decorative element, they must fit stylishly into the layout of the room.

In addition, each space is entitled to its own adapted lighting!

Complete each room of your interior with magnificent lighting: wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers,

To do this, trust the unique design of our Maison Liv selection: there is something for every room and for every taste.

What type of light should you choose in each room? 

In the dining room , the luminaire is positioned at table level to illuminate the dining area. Choose either a floor lamp or a suspension to install above your dining table. Choose warm light to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In the living room, the living room light is always positioned in the center of this living room and generally above the coffee table. Opt for a chandelier , a suspension or wall sconces and favor a neutral light.

In bedrooms , the choice of lighting is much more subjective.
You can choose to opt for a chandelier to be placed in the center of the room.
You can also choose something more discreet by installing two wall lights on either side of the headboard.
Finally, you can simply put a floor lamp on the floor.
On the other hand, the lighting in the bedroom can be supplemented with bedside lamps . Opt for warm light for a cozy atmosphere.

In the kitchen, the kitchen light must provide enough light without dazzling.
Opt for wall sconces or suspensions and favor a cold light. Arrange your pendant lights above the worktop for a more practical and aesthetic appearance. 

Bathroom lights are generally sconces placed on the wall, on either side of the mirror. A ceiling light can also be a decorative reminder for more general lighting. Choose a cold light for the bathroom light .

The exterior of your home is not to be neglected. Opt for an outdoor wall light type and favor a cold light for optimal lighting. 

Lighting of all kinds

Imposing or minimalist, Maison Liv offers lights available in classic or more contemporary styles that will fit perfectly into your interior decoration.

Wall lights

This wall lamp reappears in the trendiest interiors. Attached to a wall, it gives the impression of being weightless. In metal or wood, between industrial style, Scandinavian spirit and luxury art deco atmosphere, it fits easily into all the rooms of the house to illuminate them. 

Table lamps

Practical and decorative, table lamps are generally used as auxiliary lighting and have become essential in interior decoration.

In a bedroom, bedside lamps will create a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and calm and sufficient for your reading.

Desk lamps and living room lamps on the floor or on a piece of furniture will always find their place to illuminate your decor.

Finally, LED lamps will allow you to achieve considerable energy savings.

Floor lamps

Designed to be placed on the floor, the floor lamp does not just light up. Indeed, used as an auxiliary light, the floor lamp is an excellent creator of atmosphere. Judiciously placed, it will enhance your scenographies, your decorative objects and your works of art.

In metal or wood, with generous curves or a slender silhouette... it is displayed with trend in our interiors. Bedroom, living room, office... the floor lamp can be easily installed in many rooms in the house, with the exception of bathrooms.

In addition, the floor lamp being mobile, you can easily move it.

The floor lamp is therefore both useful and decorative!

Maison Liv offers you a collection of designer floor lamps , industrial floor lamps and vintage floor lamps .

Hanging lights and chandeliers

Suspensions and chandeliers will be perfectly highlighted in the tastefully appointed upscale and spacious interiors. In addition to dressing and illuminating the room, a pendant light will occupy the volume in the blink of an eye. Thus, with their unique shapes, suspensions and chandeliers will definitely become the key element of the room.

Play on originality by cleverly combining several lights, such as a table lamp with a floor lamp. In this way, you will be able to create assertive islands of light that are adapted to your decoration. The interaction between the different lights will delimit spaces in the room. The environment then becomes larger and more welcoming.

Ultimately, illuminate your interior with our lights for an ultra-stylish lighting concept!

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