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To sleep well and make your bedroom a real cozy little nest, there's nothing like quality household linen . Bed sets, cushions and covers or enveloping plaids, settle there naturally in order to transform the sleeping area into a bubble of softness.

bed sets

In a bedroom, the choice of bed linen is not to be taken lightly. It is this final touch which greatly contributes to setting the tone of the decoration of your room and which will warm it up. Sheets , bedspreads , pillowcases, cushions, bed runners are all elements allowing you to play on the effects of materials and colors to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, an atmosphere that suits you!

First, choose the style of your bedding. Then, opt for pleasant and soft materials to make your bedroom a real cocoon.

Thus, whether in linen, cotton gauze , percale, satin or silk, the bed sets unfold on the bed to bring it more comfort.

  • Linen is the ideal material for all seasons. It keeps you warm in winter and keeps you cool in summer. Also, it is a moisture-wicking material that lets perspiration evaporate. On the decorative side, its natural and raw appearance will provide an authentic effect. It is perfect for a rustic chic bedroom.

  • Cotton is light, easy to care for and durable. Cotton bed linen offers softness and comfort and is durable over time.

  • Percale is a type of very fine woven cotton, pleasant and easy to care for, bringing even more softness to your bed linen. On the decorative side, it offers an elegant rendering.

  • Satin also brings a lot of softness. It is this top-of-the-range, crease-resistant and delicate material that
    dresses your room with elegance and refinement. It is ideal for a glamorous bedroom.

  • Silk is a sign of elegance. It also offers softness to your sheets and your bed.

Finally, don't forget to consider the size of your mattress. Indeed, your bedding must perfectly match your bedding. The fitted sheet must have the same dimensions as the mattress and the duvet cover must correspond to the size of your duvet while having a certain fallout.

What size bedding should you choose?

Mattress Sheet cover Duvet cover
140x200 140x200 200x200 (weak fallout) 240 x 220 (nice fallout)
160x200 160x200 240 x 220 (weak fallout) 260 x 240 (nice fallout)
180x200 180x200 260x240

Come and make your choice now on Maison Liv among our bed sets for 2 people or 1 person in various sizes:

  • Bed set 140 x 190 or 140 x 200
  • Bed set 160x200
  • Bed set 200x200
  • Bed set 220x240
  • Bed set 240 x 260

From the single bed, to the bed large enough to accommodate the whole family, through the classic double bed, Maison Liv offers you inexpensive bed linen sets that are available according to your needs and desires, in a variety of colors and materials. .

Cushions and covers 

Both comfortable and decorative, cushions are essential accessories for moments of relaxation but also for home decoration. Whether placed on a chair , a sofa , an armchair or a bed, the cushions offer us comfort, comfort and accessorize the room in which they are located.

Whether they are squares , round Or rectangular , bright colors or rather sober , United Or with prints , the cushions instantly enrich the decor. In velvet, cotton, satin or silk, find the cushion cover best suited to your interior. Do not hesitate to mix materials and colors! And for an ultra cocooning atmosphere, multiply the cushions for even more comfort! You will thus create a cozy corner, a pleasant space to live in. 

Choose your indoor cushions or your outdoor cushions online at Maison Liv.

Throw Blankets 

Originally, the plaid is a large thick fabric of twill wool, most of the time in tartan, which served as a coat for the Scots. The primary function of the plaid was therefore to warm. Today, this is still the case. However, the plaid has also become this essential of the decoration that we use mainly in autumn and winter and for the most cautious, in spring and summer. A cozy plaid available on the sofa is therefore essential. 

Plain, checkered, fringed, with pompoms... The plaid is a decorative asset that we like to highlight in our interiors and it is timeless.

Which material to choose for a plaid?

In wool, linen, cotton, mohair, cashmere, the plaid unfolds on the sofa for more warmth.

  • The faux fur plaid, very often in cotton and polyamide , is the most appropriate for a mountain chalet decoration.
  • The mohair or cashmere plaid is made for a rather classic and chic decoration.
  • The woolen or fleece plaid is very popular for its softness and warmth. Very soft and enveloping, it is perfect for the more cautious.

  • The linen plaid is rather a spring and summer plaid suitable for summer evenings, linen being a soft and light material.

Ultimately, choose the material of your plaid according to the style you want to give to your interior.

How to put the plaid on the sofa?

Fold the blanket into a rectangle lengthwise and lay it on an armrest of your couch . To play with the materials and have a nice contrast, opt for two plaids of different colors and materials.

An essential element in the bedroom, bed linen continues to prove its importance for a pleasant room to live in and sleep in! 

You are looking for high-end bed linen And cheap ? Come and discover now bed linen worthy of the most beautiful hotels on House Liv.
Choose from a wide selection of bed sets, cushions, covers and throws for a bedroom and a living room that you will be looking forward to finding! Best value for money, to meet all your desires!

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